Youth Integrated for Positive Development Initiative

Youth Integrated For Positive Development Initiative is a youth led organization established on the 26th day of March 2014. The organization is providing humanitarian assistance to the conflict affected and marginalized group especially vulnerable women, children, youths and elderly, by protecting their rights, restoring their means of livelihood and provision of basic education, water sanitation and hygiene, food security as well as shelter including women and youth empowerment.

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Youth Integrated for Positive Development Initiative

We work closely together with young people, their families, community, stakeholders, partner organization donors and community stakeholders at grass root level, thereby mobilizing resources to support our project in diverse area of human development, addressing critical developmental challenges facing young people and their society through community based approach as well as youth lead initiative to achieve durable solution.

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What We Do

The organization is providing humanitarian assistance to the conflict affected and marginalized group.

We provide access to essential child protection services to improve the well being of conflict affected children and families (unaccompanied, separated and children with other protection concerns) through community base approach in BAY states.

Case Management Services

Assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for children and families health needs.

Skills Training

Youth, adolescent and caregivers support skills training in agricluture, fashion, music, computer and other relevant skills area.

Awareness Events

YIPDI organizes awareness raising events as well as emotional support group for caregivers.

Our Vision

We envision a World where lives are Secure with equal access to basic services, peace and justice for all. Everyone deserves shelter, proper food and the enabling environment of a loving family. Its our goal to ensure this right one beneficiary at a time.

Our Mission

To promote peace, protect rights, restore and improve the livelihood and well being of most vulnerable and marginalized people especially children, Youth and women, as a reliable youth led organization working towards a better future.

Our Values

Transparency, professionalism, solidarity within our NGO and with the people we aim to serve, justice within our NGO and in the society, integrity to act according to the values we wish to promote, flexibility, collaboration and diversity.